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Caged Tiger Pro

Caged Tiger Pro

  • £239.99

  • Ex Tax: £199.99

This is a monster of a firework from Total Fx. It has 112 huge shots  with outstanding effects.



Blue tail up burst brocade crown king with blue pearls, red tail red peony, green tail green peony, blue tail blue dahlia, red palm with chrysanthemum.


Silver tail white strobe, green tail green strobe, red tail red strobe, green palm with chrysanthemum, red tail up burst red pearls with white strobe, blue tail up burst blue pearls with green strobe, green tail up burst green pearls with red strobe.


Purple palm chrysanthemum, titanium golden palm, brocade

crown king, wave willow, blue tail up burst wave willow with chrysanthemum.

Noise Rating 10/10

DF Verdict: This is our favourite finale piece, there is no substitute for huge 30mm bursts with a 5 across firing pattern. In our opinion this firework out performs more expensive rivals with a wow factor rarely seen on consumer fireworks.

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