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Bespoke Firework Displays

We at Discount Fireworks feel that complete displays of £1000 or over should not be "Off the Shelf." Larger displays NEED to be custom made, taking into account the customers special requirements; i.e. are more ground/aerial fireworks needed, is the display going to be noise or colour orientated, the type of fireworks suitable to the venue available to fire a safe display; etc.

Discount Fireworks have always offered this bespoke service to our valued customers. Although the company has grown over the years, we are proud to continue this tradition. We are able to offer this service as a result of our heavy investment in staff training, product knowledge, safety and customer support. All our self-fired displays comply with British and European rules and are safe for use by the general public.

Obviously, to design your personal tailor-made display we need feedback from you.

Please have the following information available when contacting us.

• Date of event.

• Venue and site details.

• Desired duration of display.

• Approximate budget.

• More noise, colour or mixture.

• More ground or Aerial fireworks.

.Please contact us for further details.